Free Guide to Creating User-Friendly URLs

the simple practice of designing a user-friendly URL seems to be completely sliding under the radar, and it is almost guaranteed to improve your company’s digital marketing traffic and conversion rates.

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301 Redirect Old URLs

Use A Static URL Structure

Create A Sitemap

How a User-Friendly URL Design Can Increase Profits

A user-friendly URL is subliminal advertising at its best. It’s yet another tactic for your digital marketing specialist or SEO expert to grab your audience's attention and say, “hi, I’m relevant to you.”

Now, there’s no question, the average customer searching through Google isn’t necessarily thinking about impeccable URL design, but when it’s done right, your business will immediately attract your customer’s attention and you’re more likely to generate quality leads.

In a time when our consumer’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, any strategic tactics to gain their attention are more valuable than gold. There’s simply too much information bombarding them to go about it any other way.

The structure of your company’s domain name and URL is one of the most important pillars of any revenue-generating digital marketing search campaign.

If your team produces simple, informative, easy-to-read URLs, not only will your mobile and desktop websites produce better click-through-rates and conversions, but search engines will reward you with better Quality Score and ad placement.

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