Download Your Free Website Migration for SEO Experts Guide

Is your business planning on a website migration? If so, Evolve Digital Labs has compiled this easy-to-digest piece breaking down each part of the website transfer process so you don’t lose customers and profits due to a decline in search engine rankings.

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Identify Inbound Links

Site Optimization

Search Console and Analytics

Next, you might be wondering when and why would my business need a website migration?

Maybe your business is booming or overall traffic to your website is increasing at an incredible rate, this would give you a reason to switch from your original server to a more scalable cloud dedicated network. There’s a multitude of reasons behind why your business would need a website transfer, so we’ve compiled a checklist – just remember, no matter the reason for the migration, it should be outcome-driven and focused on improving the needs of your customers.

Migrations are complicated and if not done correctly they will result in a loss in traffic to your website. It can be regained, but it won’t happen overnight, so remember to prepare and be patient.

The top 7 reasons for when/why your business should perform a website migration:

  1. Web Hosting Move
  2. Software Driven Transfer
  3. Domain Change Migration
  4. Template Driven Transfer
  5. Content Driven Move
  6. Design-Driven Website Migration
  7. Business Strategy Move

If you are thinking about migrating for any of these reasons - or perhaps are in the midst of this, download our free guide to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

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